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I am the architect of my life

I am the architect of my life


Water-soluble oil on cotton canvas 100x120cm

  • Atmosphere

    Cette oeuvre a été créé dans un moment de transition et transmet l'état d'esprit que voici.


    Sometimes we feel like we have to choose between one thing or its opposite, between one truth or another. Whereas as a divine being, we represent both sides of any duality since we are the sum of all that exists and all that does not exist. Both shadow and light co-exist within us. It is also thanks to this shadow that we are aware of the light. Choosing between the two sides of this same coin amounts to cutting yourself off from a part of yourself. 

    I am not a thing or its opposite. I am sometimes generous and sometimes I am miserly. I have an incredible patience and sometimes I stampede with impatience. I am reliable and sometimes I am unavailable. I am meticulous and sometimes I am messy. I am everything, sometimes one, sometimes the other, sometimes both and it's perfect. 

    By embracing my dualities I allow myself to fully be who I am since after all, I am the architect of my life!

  • Collection

    This painting was made in the collectionDolce Vitawhich was born from a desire for simplicity. I was inspired by the floating moments that life offers us, the sweetness of life, the dolce vita. I was inspired by the taste of these moments of contemplation when we do nothing.​


  • Mail

    This large format painting is painted on cotton canvas stretched on a frame and sent protected in a wooden box. 

    The work is transmitted with its certificate of authenticity.

  • Management

    The artwork is ready to hang. However, if you decide to take it to the framer, a frame will give it an extra touch of elegance. I will be happy to guide you in the choice of the frame if you ask me.


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