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Exhibition EY Luxembourg  1st May - 15 July

Painting the beauty of life brings me serenity

and my intention is that my works bring the same feeling of peace to you.

On a mission to pass the messages of the invisible, I am right-handed but I use the left hand to co-create these works with the Universe.

20221015 Géraldine Scudetti- Ingrid Otto.jpg


Enriched with a textural and spiritual aesthetic, the work I create nourishes the soul and magnifies the beauty of life. Softness and lightness settle onto my portraits as a reflection of my own interpretation of life. By representing the being on the canvas in this way, I create a link between the soul and the incarnation in the human realm.

Belgian artist born in 1989 in Brussels, I currently live in Virton.

I studied art from the age of nine with the painter and sculptor Béatrice Cols. I studied architecture in Brussels and Florence (2007-2012) and worked as an architect until 2021. I also taught traditional yoga (2016-2019) and since 2018, I have continued my artistic studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Arlon.

Creative Process

The work begins when I collect water from the stream...

I like to sit, listen to the sound of water, do nothing, breathe.

When I feel inspired, I collect the water and bring it to the studio. On the jar containing the water I write the two words that form the most beautiful crystals "love and gratitude" (according to Masaru Emoto's research). In this water I immerse a conscious stone which will transmit its vibrations to it. My process was tested during my 2019 "conscious stones" collection and showed unexpected results. The vibrations that have been transmitted to the water actually diffuse into the final work. 

I'm right-handed but I paint with my left hand! This change of hand allows me to be fully connected to my intuition. Installed in front of the canvas, I let myself be guided in a suspended moment to create luminous works.

I paint with water-soluble oils without solvents. They are more natural and retain the shine of oil paint. It also allows me to adopt water as a channel.

My process is particular and is entirely part of the work. The painting bears its sweetness, love and lightness.

20221015 Géraldine Atelier-3074.jpg


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