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Let's Write Your Story With Paint

Art commission

20221015 Géraldine Atelier-2476_edited_edited.png

Materializing a moment of your story is an exceptional moment in a life and I treat it as such.

It is always a great pleasure for me to make portraits. You can submit your desire to me and we will compose the story of your painting together.


Ink sketch

We will discuss your desire and I will draw the person whose portrait you want, either from a picture that you want to send me, or from a picture that I come to take. If you wish, we can go further and realize your original painting.

100€  (15x21cm ink on art paper)

*an extra rate is applicable for bigger formats and over 50km when I come take the picture.

2022_08_Geraldine Scudetti_commandes 2_e

Original artworks

Sizes & Rates

Top left



Top right



Bottom left



Bottom right



*The price varies with the number of portraits on the same painting.

Delivery included for Belgium and Luxembourg

See price details


How does it work ?

contact me and share your wish with me, even if it is perhaps still unclear.


We will discuss your desire and from 100 euros, I will either sketch it out from a picture that you wish to send me or from a picture that I come take of the person(s) you wish me to portray. If the sketch is to your liking, we can go further to fulfill your desired artwork.

I will then send you a quote tailored to your request. After receiving the 30% deposit and the validation on the composition sketch I will start the painting.

Once your work is finished, you can either come and discover it at my studio in Virton, or I will send you photos of the work from different angles as well as a video. If you like it, you can settle the amount and I will deliver the work to you as soon as the drying time is over.

You can then enjoy the beautiful energy that the work brings !

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