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Ombre végétale


Discover the answers that are within and around you

By drawing with my left hand, I adjust my internal radio to pick up what is not normally perceived.


Guidance often leads to clarification.


Why a guidance ?

A need for clarification during moments of doubt

  • Love

  • Job

  • Family

  • ...

​A need to know how our deceased are doing

A desire to understand


Géraldine has a true gift. I had the pleasure of having a reading by her, and the messages relayed provided me with so much peace and comfort. She said a lot of things that were so specific and accurate for my life, that it wasn’t a generalised approach. I have found so much closure since my mother passed away, I have found it more helpful than therapy. I would say, have the session with an open mind to accept what comes forward. 


Géraldine is a caring, sensitive and intuitive Medium and makes you feel at ease. I am recommending her to all my friends and family, and will have another session when I need it. 


Thank you Géraldine!


* I do not claim that guidance can replace a therapist or medical advice.

This opinion applies only to this person and their experience.

Bonjour, c'est Géraldine

Déroulement d'une séance

Je dessine votre portrait durant la séance en vous transmettant les messages.

Je dessine d'après photo pour être certaine de ne pas interpréter vos réactions et de rester connectée à la guidance. Je prends la photo au début de la séance mais si vous préférez, vous pouvez m'envoyer une photo récente.

Je vous invite à noter vos questions avant le rendez-vous pour penser à les poser toutes.


Vous pouvez enregistrer votre séance avec votre téléphone pour pouvoir la réécouter.

La séance est souvent unique et a pour but de vous éclairer dans une période de doute. Vous pourrez revenir quand et si vous en ressentez le besoin.


Questions or appointments

I answer you with pleasure

If you need other dates than those proposed here, the appointment can be made by email or by sms/whatsapp at +32 474 49 48 06

Merci pour votre envoi.

Frequently asked Questions

How do I prepare for an appointment?

It may help to write down your questions and have them handy so you can remember to ask the important things.

Is the appointment recorded ?

I cannot record the sessions but I allow you to do so with your phone if you wish. It may be useful to listen to the guidance again a few weeks later.

Will I get clear yes or no answers?

Sometimes the answers are very clear yes or no. It also regularly happens that several choices are exposed with their consequences giving all the cards in hand to the person to make an informed choice.

Will I hear from the loved one I'm thinking of?

It happens that the desired person appears, nevertheless I never force the meeting and I let things manifest themselves. It hasn't happened yet but it could very well be that the person does not show up.

Do you predict the future?

There are many possible futures and they manifest depending on the choices we make. I can translate what I see to you but it is only one of the possible futures and you have the possibility to change it according to your choices. I see the future as a tree of possibilities. Sometimes the guidance presents several futures to help you make a choice. It also happens that the guidance predicts events in the short term.

Are the messages always positive?

Most of the time they are positive and encouraging in a way. Other times they warn. I do my best to deliver guidance to you in the fairest way possible. In all cases, guidance is non-judgmental. It's vocation is always to help and support you on your life journey.

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