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Ink on art paper 30x42cm


  • Atmosphere

    You were so good for me and I was so good for you but, the greatest gift you have given me is that you have sharpen my awareness of who I really am. You were so helpful to me because, beside the fun we had together, you helped me clarified who I am and what I want to the degree that now what is in my vortex is so much more evolved. And it wouldn't be if it had not been for you. Thank you so much for the steps along the ways for my creation of me that you were.


    -Abraham Hicks-

  • Collection

    This ink was made in the collectionRest your heart on mine. This collection is about belonging. It invites us to remember that whoever we choose to be, we belong together. Let art remind us that we are free to play the game of life as we choose to play it, with the certainty that we will always be surrounded.

  • Dispatch

    This work is sent protected by post et delivered with its certificate of authenticity.

  • Management

    This work is framed in a Nielsen quality frame  with anti-reflective museum glass and UV protection

  • Visit to the studio

    You like this work and would like to discover it at the Virton studio?​

    Contact me by email to schedule an appointment.

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