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Water-soluble oil on figueras 60x90cm paper with black wooden frame.

  • Atmosphere

    Ce moment où n'existe plus que l'agréable sensation de l'eau sur la peau et la_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_lightness of the body which floats.

  • The collection

    This painting was made in the collectionDolce Vitawhich was born from a desire for simplicity. I was inspired by the floating moments that life offers us, the sweetness of life, the dolce vita. I was inspired by the taste of these moments of contemplation when we do nothing.​


  • Mail

    This large format painting is painted on cotton canvas stretched on a frame and sent protected in a wooden box. The work is transmitted with its certificate of authenticity.

  • Management

    The work is made on paper and therefore requires framing. It is sent flat on compressed cardboard in a protected packaging.

  • Visit to the workshop

    Do you like this work and would like to discover it at the Virton studio?​

    Contact me by email to schedule an appointment.

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