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Precious boredom

Precious boredom


water-soluble oil on canvas 60x70 cm

  • What the work says

    This feeling of relief when we stop -doing- and that we enter into -being-.

    This particular emotion both heavy and light. As if at this precise moment the body was superfluous. We then put it down to let the spirit travel. Not really asleep or really awake.

    Boredom is a wonderful gift.

  • Collection

    This painting was made in the collectionDolce vita qui  was born from a desire for simplicity. I was inspired by the floating moments that life offers us, the sweetness of life, the dolce vita. I was inspired by the taste of these moments of contemplation when we do nothing.​

  • Mail

    This painting is painted on cotton canvas  stretched on a frame and sent protected in a  wooden crate.

    The work is transmitted with its certificate of authenticity.

  • Management

    The artwork is ready to hang. Nevertheless if you decide to take it to the framer, a frame will give it an extra touch of elegance. I  will be happy to guide you in choosing the frame if you ask me.

  • Visit to the workshop

    Do you like this work and would like to discover it at the Virton studio?​

    Contact me by email to schedule an appointment.

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